You will find the free resources on this page helpful if any of the following describes you:

  • You’ve decided that you want to build a house on that lot you’ve owned for many years
  • You just bought a lot that is perfect for your dream lifestyle
  • You are looking for the perfect lot for your future home
  • You want to work with an architect
  • What you have in mind is a unique home that suits your needs and captures your dream

Welcome to the world of custom residential architecture and construction.

It’s a world of fertile imagination, full of possibilities and unlimited options. It’s amazing, but it’s also what many find crippling – too many choices, too many decisions, too many questions. What is my next step? Who do I talk to first? How do I choose? What can I afford? What is it going to cost? How long is it going to take?

That’s why we are offering these free resources to help you navigate a seemingly overwhelming course of action.

Working with an Architect – A series of videos to walk you through the process of selecting an architect and completing a successful custom residence

How to write your Project Brief – A free guide and template to help you write a brief description about your custom residential project, which will allow you to communicate your needs and desires effectively and efficiently

How to budget your Project Cost – A free guide and worksheet to help you allocate your funds and manage your overall project budget, so that you can make financially informed decisions about your dream house

How to Choose an Architect for your custom home – A free guide and template to help you select the right architect for you and your project

Glossary – A list of frequently used architect-speak – explained to help you understand your architect (or builder).

Other resources – A link to other useful websites

Green Building – Articles and Videos by Green Building Advisor

Energy Efficiency and Performance of your Home – Energy Star offers tips and advice on common performance problems