How to choose an Architect for your custom home

A free guide and template to help you select and hire an architect

If you’re planning to design and build a custom home, and want to work with an architect, then choosing the right Architect is crucial to the success of your project.

In this free download you’ll discover:

  • How to figure out who you’re looking for
  • How to determine compatibility
  • What questions you need to ask the architect
  • The do’s and don’ts of hiring an architect

Working on your dream house can and should be an exciting endeavor.  However, it can be also overwhelming, confusing, time consuming, and exhausting.  It’s a long and tedious journey from dream to home, and there are many forks in the road. It’s important to have an Architect who you can trust to give you good advice and who makes the journey a pleasure.

Click below to download your free guide to choosing an architect.

I hope you enjoy this free resource. Please leave a comment below to let me know if you found this to be useful. I look forward to your feedback.

Best Wishes,

Sharon George, AIA
Principal Architect

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