If you are thinking about building a new custom house on a virgin site and want to benefit from the professional guidance of an experienced architect, we can help. You might be looking for a site, or you are ready to put an offer on a lot, or you already have a site and are ready to start the process.

The heart and soul of our practice is working with you to design your custom home.  We offer full architectural services to help you make the most of your investment of time, energy, and finances. We not only provide design services but also project management services, so that you can go about your life while your dream is being realized.

If your existing home is not serving you anymore, but you want to stay for a number of reasons, consider remodeling or renovating.  Perhaps, you are tired of your old house leaking like a sieve and want a performance upgrade.  Or maybe your family has grown and you are bursting at the seams.

We offer counsel, design ideas, architectural and project management services to help you envision, customize, and transform your house to suit your needs. 

If you are a Home Builder/ Custom Home Developer/ Project Manager who is interested in building an architect-designed, high-performance, speculative home on a specific site, call us.

We provide optimized custom design solutions for your program and site. We rely on your project management skills. We produce a basic package of design drawings and construction documents i.e. permit set and any additional drawings as requested, commonly known as a Builder’s Set.


Whether it’s a small addition, a gut remodel, or brand new construction; whether it’s a bustling family home in a vibrant neighborhood, a luxury residence on the lake, a ranch development on acreage, or a quiet retreat for a retired couple in the serene hill country, we are equipped to deliver value through a thoughtful process and a conscientious approach.

Bruce Mau said it best.
“Process is more important than outcome. When the outcome drives the process we will only ever go to where we’ve already been. If process drives outcome we may not know where we’re going, but we will know we want to be there.”

Our step-by-step process is designed to help you make cumulative progress towards your end goal. It starts with a very small yet crucial step. Each step, when validated, leads to the bigger next step, thus giving you more confidence and less surprises. The entire process is meant to be an enjoyable and stress-free experience with an expert as your guide.

Here is our 10 step action plan to get you from your dream to your home.


This gives you an idea of the approximate amount of time spent (in months) in each phase. Note that this timeline assumes that the project progresses at a steady clip i.e. no starts and stops, and that we are doing the project management. In a nutshell, allow approximately 24 months for the whole project before setting a move-in date.

  • 2


    Steps 1 through 4

  • 2

    Design and Estimation

    Steps 5 & 6

  • 4

    Development and Documentation

    Step 7 & 8

  • 2

    Costing and Contracts

    Step 9

  • 14


    Step 10