Hi, my name is Sharon George. 

I'm the owner and Principal Architect of Architecture By George, located in Austin, Texas.  It's a boutique practice where I work one-on-one with a select few clients to help them create a custom home that they’ll love and live in for many years.  Most people I work with are young families, like me, who want to live, work, and raise their kids in the central Austin area. 

Truth is, most of the houses in these beautiful ol' neighborhoods need a little work (or a lot) in order to support the way we live today.  The house may be in disrepair, damaged, congested, or simply outdated in layout and finishes.  Your decision may be to remodel and add space for your growing family, or tear down and build a new updated home with an open floor plan, contemporary aesthetics, the latest tech, energy-efficient upgrades, etc. 

I can help.  I design contemporary custom homes that are family-friendly and celebrates a casual Austin lifestyle.  

I offer practical advice and thoughtful design solutions through consultations and full architectural services.  Go ahead and schedule a FREE Clarity Call to start working with me!! 

I'll help you envision a home that fits your lifestyle and suits your family's needs.  Together we can customize and transform an existing house to a home that will serve your family for years to come. 

What excites me about what I do is that I get to know and work with families just like mine, and bring their aspirations to life.  I have young kids too, so I know how important it is for your home to support your family’s needs. 

My goal is for you to have a home that you and your family can thrive in, create cherished memories, and you're proud to own for years to come.

Sharon George, B.Arch, M.S.Arch

Sharon George, B.Arch, M.S.Arch

Brief Bio: I’m a licensed Architect with over 15 years experience, specializing in custom homes in Austin, with a focus on thoughtful contemporary design, quality construction, and high-performance architecture.

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My Design Philosophy

Architectural design is highly contextual.

The best question, I think, is: What kind of building makes the most sense in the context of this time in history, this culture, this place, this climate, this neighborhood, this site, and ultimately in this person's life?

That's the answer I seek in every project. 

Design Framework By George

I created a 5 Point Design Framework that looks at the 5 main contextual elements that mold a perfect home and the best outcome for you. 

  1. Client

  2. Site

  3. Climate

  4. Time and Place

  5. Performance

Using this framework ensures that I will design a contemporary home for you that is: 

  • beautiful and functional (of course! Why else would you hire an architect?)

  • casual and comfortable (this is Austin after all, and kids wouldn’t love it any other way)

When we design and build homes that acknowledge Austin's hot-humid climate, the result is a home that is:

  • energy-efficient and high-performance (good for the environment, your wallet, and your health)

  • low-maintenance and durable (it’ll look good for decades without you having to fuss with chores every weekend - who has time for that?)

Formal Qualifications & Experience 

I am a licensed Architect, registered in Texas since 2009, Texas Board of Architectural Examiners Registration #21669.


  • Bachelors in Architecture (B.Arch), National Institute of Technology, Trichy, India - 5 year program, Graduated in 1999

  • Master of Science in Architectural Studies (M.S.Arch), with a specialization in Sustainable Architecture - Design With Climate, School of Architecture at the University of Texas at Austin - Graduated in 2002


My career in custom residential architecture in Austin started with an internship while at UT. Over the last 15+ years, I've completed around 50 custom homes.  I've worked with families in various stages of their life and understand what makes a good home, not just for now, but for future chapters of your life.  I use that experience to help you with your custom home.  I've also honed my expertise in green building, energy-efficiency and high-performance architecture over the years to gain knowledge of practical implementation. 

  • 15+ years experience working on high-end custom homes with complex challenges, sophisticated systems, and luxury amenities

  • Worked with 50+ families to design and build their unique custom home, in Austin and surrounding areas of Central Texas

  • Custom homes ranging from 3,000 s.f. to 9,000 s.f., in the cost range of $500,000 to $5 million

  • Multiple homes rated 5 star green by Austin Energy Green Building Program

  • All projects designed for the 'Hot and Humid Climate' zone

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