What is a High Performance Home?

Contemporary homes are complex machines.  They are fitted with modern technologies like heating, ventilation, and air-conditioning, that work every single day to keep us comfortable and healthy. 

When we approach the design and construction of a house as an object, rather than a machine, we ignore the fact that the building is working for us.  I expect my houses to work at peak performance for my clients, just like I expect my car to take me places, look good, not break down, and be fuel-efficient.  We're living in the 21st century and you should expect your contemporary home to be a high-performance machine!  

This approach and expectation of high-performance goes beyond old-fashioned green building.  It goes well beyond recycled materials, solar panels, and savings on your utility bills.  It's a marriage of good design, green technologies, efficient systems, and quality construction. High performance building requires in-depth expertise in green technologies and a deep understanding of building science, construction systems, as well as our climate.  These are the things I geek out on.

Why you need a High-Performance Home?

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