Salvage materials

Party barn, Texas style

I spent Memorial Day weekend at my husband's family reunion out in central Texas, which is mostly ranch land.  Our gracious host, a true-bred Texan who owns and operates a cattle business out of Indian Hills Ranch, has the coolest barn I have ever seen.  On the outside, it's just a red metal building that is pretty common on ranches.  However, the inside is no ordinary barn.  This is a party barn.  It is set-up to host a big crowd and make them feel welcome.  When you step through the doors, you know you are going to have a good time. The first thing you see when you enter is a old Texas country-style saloon.  Uncle Buck had salvaged the exterior materials from the old house on the ranch, and reused them inside the barn to create multiple "rooms" for various uses.  There is the "cafe" serving as the Kitchen, the "general store" is the pantry, the "sheriff's office" is the computer room, the stable is "storage", and inside the building there is a bedroom and living room, with a bathroom for cowboys and a bathroom for cowgirls.  Isn't this simply awesome?!

I love the repurposed weathered wood siding, the stray from perfection, the relaxed ambiance created by the backdrop.  And nothing like colorful string lights to add a celebratory flair.  An homage to the ol' southern country style.  There was plenty of beer and margaritas, barbeque and chicken fried steak dinner.  What more do you need for a great reunion.