The future is now with high-performance homes

If you were shopping for a new car or computer, you would check it's specs and ask about it's performance, wouldn't you?  What about when you buy a new appliance?  You expect it to not only do what it is supposed to do, but do it at a high speed/power for best fuel/energy/work efficiency.  Oh, and look good while at it. In other words, you expect functionality, performance, and aesthetics.

Why not think about your house (or your office, school, any building) in that same way?  Your house is a machine, much like your car and your computer.  You should expect it to perform well.  I know you already expect high-function and beauty.

Your expectations of your home should go above and beyond the traditional idea of providing shelter, protection, status (for some), and a sense of home.  Humans evolved well past these basic needs centuries ago when architectural expressions became the hallmark of civilizations.

Today's architecture has to go above and beyond basic needs and self-expression.  It has to leverage technology and our understanding of climate and science.  It has to invest in advancements in building materials and building systems.

We cannot design and build today like we did a 100 years ago, or even 50 years ago.