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We are a boutique residential professional services firm based in Austin, Texas. We are passionate about what we do, because we know that the house you live in shapes your life - your lifestyle, your mood, your pride, and your relationships with the people who share your space. How it is built affects your comfort and health, and therefore, your quality of life. It most likely is your biggest investment. Certainly, if you invest in it and love what you build, it will serve you a lifetime, and become your legacy. We want to be a part of that story of your life.

Services We Offer


We provide comprehensive design services that includes site planning, architectural design of the house and accessory buildings, interiors, pool/spa, hardscape, landscape, pier/boat-dock, and all other elements, so that your project comes together through a unified vision under our leadership.

Project Management

To ensure that your project is a success. Project management is the oil that keeps your project/ machine running on track. Delivered through a process that we developed to help us manage the project, coordinate the project team, and maintain project schedule - from initiation through all phases of design and construction to move-in.


Apply our knowledge and skills to your project. For those times when you need an expert's opinion or just a little extra help. Let us do the heavy lifting on specific tasks while you take care of the rest.

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What we do best

Custom Design

We design customized solutions that are site-specific, responsive to climate, and tailored to the client’s unique needs, desires, and aesthetic style. We integrate multiple design disciplines so that they inform each other to result in a cohesive whole. We value creativity, functionality, constructability, and beauty.

High-Performance Homes

We harness our deep knowledge of green building to offer passive and active strategies to meet performance goals. We use our specialized expertise in modern building technologies and latest building science to design homes that are energy-efficient, livable, healthy, durable, and low-maintenance.

Project Management

We guide our clients through the complicated process of designing and building a custom home. We ask pertinent questions, anticipate issues, manage expectations, coordinate the team, and provide counsel. We take the stress and anxiety out of the process. We have experience managing luxury homes with sophisticated amenities, infrastructure, and complex systems. We have worked on projects in Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, and surrounding areas. Therefore, we are intricately familiar with the challenges, restrictions, and opportunities that each present.


We recognize that building a custom house is a collaborative process and that putting together the right team of professionals is important to the success of the project. We believe that the contributions of the interior designer, landscape architect, structural engineer, and other consultants help consolidate the vision for the project. We take pride in well-constructed homes. We know that the contractors, artisans, and craftsmen who bring the design to life leave an indelible imprint on the project – which is why we think of the builder as a core team member. We like to have the builder on board early in the process (during schematic design) to establish an estimate and validate the scope of work.


Sharon George was the Project Manager and Project Architect for the design of our Hill Country Home.  Her attention to design detail was superb and Sharon’s field reports were as good as I have seen on multi-billion dollar projects.  However, the attribute my wife and I appreciated most were her listening skills.  She listened intently and asked probing questions to ensure she understood our wishes.  It was a pleasure working with Sharon on the design and construction of our home.

Mike Rieken

Sharon has an efficient, no nonsense approach to projects large and small. My husband and I are exploring a possible addition and remodel of our 1948 house, and we sought out Sharon's opinion. After completing the Project Brief, we gained a more practical perspective on what we needed vs. wanted, and this document has become a real asset for us. Her Clarity Call gave us valuable input and a more focused plan on next steps.

Linda Park

I wish I had found Sharon sooner. She is a great listener and came up with the perfect solution for our mid-century remodel. She always did what she said she would do and always delivered on time. I am delighted with the results and I am sure you will be also. Her agenda is your agenda. Go Sharon!

Louise Epstein

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There are two truths in any project.  A project that is managed well, however lovely the experience, is unspectacular.  A mismanaged project, on the other hand, is like a car wreck.  Everybody talks about it. I was reminded of this recently when I used a new maid service.  House cleaning is a simple exercise in project management.  Like any complex project though, it’s about planning, managing the tasks, the time, the expectations, the big picture and the little details, and instilling confidence in your client that they are in good hands. Here’s the scoop… A few months ago I decided to try...

What’s better than architecture after school? #ArchiTalks

As I’ve mentioned on #Architalks posts before, kids and architecture are a match made in heaven. After-school activity: Now that everyone is back to school, parents are wondering what their kids are going to do between when school lets out and they get picked up.  What better than a little architectural exploration after school?  Bring a little artistry from the art class, a little knowledge from science class, a little creativity from the heart, give it a good mix, and see what happens. That was the thought that prompted me to offer an architecture afterschool program at my daughter’s...

Glass in Architecture – Summer Wonders #ArchiTalks

Phew! I made it through 2 whole weeks of summer school.  You see, I’ve been busy teaching a class for Summer Wonders at Ace Academy, a local school for gifted kids, called “Architecture Through The Looking Glass“.  Here’s a peek into my class about glass in architecture. The course introduces young kids to a world of architectural studies, where the boundaries between science and art are blurred, just as much as the separation between discovery and imagination.  It’s a space where I believe kids thrive. They effortlessly juggle reality and fantasy.  And that makes for a great architect. Course curriculum summary Over 10 days,...

One last thing before you head out on vacation

Have you a taken a break this summer?  It’s that time of year, when everyone I know is either out or leaving soon before things get crazy again and life has to go back to routine after school starts!  I just got back from a much needed vacation with my family.  And while it’s fresh on my mind, I thought I’d share the one precaution I take before I lock the house and head out the door.  If you are going out of town this summer, be sure to take this simple measure to safeguard your home and avoid coming back to a bad situation. Prevent catastrophe,...

A summer of architectural sketching in Italy

This summer marks 15 years since my study abroad program in Italy.  It’s a time that is very special to me, not only because it was 3 months in food/ culture/ fashion/ landscape/ architecture heaven, but it’s when I really refined and owned my architectural sketching skills. It has served me well all the years since. So, to commemorate, I would like to share my collection of sketches from Italy. Not just the best ones, but the scrappy sketches as well, because they tell the story of a rough start and how I got good. Italian splendor Churches with domes, arches, columns, spires,...

How safe is your house from water damage?

My neighborhood listserv is ablaze with people asking for help with repairs due to water damage. The recent rains are a good reminder that Austin gets an average 32.5″ of rain every year, which is to say that our buildings are pretty susceptible to rainwater damage. It’s common sense, yet, everyday I see houses built using risky construction details and building designs that ignore this significant element of our weather. How you deal with bulk water* at the roof, walls, and foundation (near grade) is very important to the durability of a building. If you are in the process...

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